Drafting Services

Producing detailed layouts, plans, drawings, illustrations, graphics or models depicting the architectural design of buildings.

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Construction Documents

Producing drawings that reflect the architectural design of buildings, with sufficient technical detail to be used in the construction phase of the project.

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Design Consultation

Providing general advice about an idea or concern that you may have. Explain procedures and next steps, to get your project started.

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Since 1993

Why Choose Jmcintech

JMcIntech strives to provide all our clients with top tier drafting solutions that would be rivaled by many similar companies in the industry. We ensure that our drawings are free from errors and complete. This ensures that the approval process from your appropriate municipality goes smoothly and timely, guaranteeing a prompt start to the project.

At JMcIntech, we use the latest software to ensure that we are keeping up with all current drawing techniques and methods. In orderĀ to ensure that we are current with technology and providing the most accurate drawings, we use a combination of AutoCAD and Revit. In special or requested cases, we may also use 3Ds Max in order to produce the most photorealistic rendering of your project.

All of our partnersĀ are masters at AutoCAD and Revit. We have been using these programs for several years to develop quality projects for our clients. We know what a good design consist of and we make sure that your project suits your vision and needs.


Next Steps...

Now that you have a clearer understanding of who we are and what we are capable of producing and achieving, we encourage you to take the next steps and make your ideas become a reality.